Richard Curtner


Textual Collage

Creative Process

A man of his word. In fact, Richard Curtner is well known for his many words and his attention to detail as he skillfully arranges these words and colors from magazine clippings of written text into expressive collage portraits and landscapes.

As a self-taught artist he’s been fascinated by art in many forms, “I also had a love for the literary arts, (poetry, short stories, etc.) and I was seeking for a way to incorporate both into one single art form. Thus, I created the self-developed new art medium – “textual collage” (or word collage),” says Curtner.

The creative process begins with sketching out the design and then searching for the right words, phrases and colors which are carefully glued into place for each subject and theme and then varnished. A work of art he’s perfected over the last 13 years.

While every picture tells a story, here you can always read a lot more into it – literally.