Marta Collings




Napa Valley

Creative Process

As if the beauty, tranquility, and award-winning wines weren’t enough to draw you out to the Napa Valley country, you can add this award-winning plein air painter to the list – Marta Collings.

Collings has lived in Napa Valley, with the scenic and picturesque settings for the past 29 years so it’s no wonder why she has such an appreciation of the landscape which she has so fittingly captured with her subtle nuances of color from the soothing blue sky touched by whimsical clouds to the riches of the earth and its vine laden fruit.

Plein air is a style of painting done in the open air or outdoors. Collings describes her technique as “wet on wet” which allows her to layer colors creating a translucent like quality. Her exciting watercolors are given a richer depth by contrasting values of light against dark through glazes and by her saturation of paints. These subtleties in plein air painting offer a unique sense of place and moment.