James Moore




Bay Area

Creative Process

James Moore’s remarkable art career began more than 30 years ago when he contemplated a life changing career from a commercial banker and competitive bodybuilder.

Moore a Bay Area artist uses a simple geometric concept, the cube, when constructing his artwork in stainless steel. The shapes are usually abstractions of the human figure and when applying the rules of figurative proportions and balance each piece evokes a specific movement and gesture.

“In spite of the obvious solidity and strength of my metal sculpture, it somehow captures and expresses something more ephemeral, more human. It’s the contrast of a solid structure and fluid gesture that I believe makes my work interesting and compelling. My work has been described many ways but “powerfully playful” may be the best I’ve heard yet. Above all, I want to add something positive to the world by sharing my optimistic view of what it means to be human,” states Moore.