2015 Artist Preview


Viscosity Glass

Artists: Cristy Aloysi and Scott Graham

The beauty of Viscosity glass is that no two are exactly the same. Each one has been carefully shaped by the hands of the artists creating a uniqueness that cannot be imitated by any machine. In the serene beauty of the Boulder Creek, CA redwood forest they continue to create unique functional and sculptural glass forms.


Liane by Design

Artist: Liane Okamitsu

My designs are not made using traditional metallurgic processes, it is a technique that combines two great artisanal crafts: textile hand weaving and jewelry making, creating a totally unique look. Each stitch is as caringly done by hand, as a textile weaver would do at a loom or a jeweler would at a workbench.



Artist: Galit Perez

I was first introduced to sewing by my mother when I was 10 years old. We flipped through the pages of the well known fashion magazine, Burda, which contained patterns for each of the classic designs featured in the issue. I have a formal education in business and project management; however, my deep passion for design and fashion propelled me to my true calling – leather handbag design. I now design and create line of handbags that fit the urban woman’s life style blending fashion and functionality using only the highest quality of leather and handcrafted locally in San Francisco, California.


Flag Force

Artist: Cathi Borthwick

Blacksmith Cathi Borthwick, owner of Flag Forge, has been creating hand forged wrought iron for the home since 1982 at her shop in Flagstaff, AZ. Emphasizing the fun in FUNctional, she creates pieces of lasting beauty. She has a line of wrought iron that includes lamps, candleholders, furniture, fireplace equipment, towel bars and other bathroom fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, coat racks, and kitchen racks.


Fred Mertz Photography

Artist: Fred Mertz

The impressionist painter Edgar Degas said: “art is not what you see, but what makes others see.” It wasn’t until recently I began to appreciate these words. Working as a photojournalist my job was to objectively tell a story in a single picture. As I’ve evolved on my artistic journey, I’ve learned that objectivity has been replaced with inspiration and artistic vision. Building on the principles of the great masters and guided by my vision, I work very hard to make a photograph of sublime beauty and intriguing mood. I can only hope my images inspire the viewer with a lasting appreciation of nature’s wonders and the story told…is the viewer’s story.


F.J. Anderson

Artist: F.J. Anderson

Since graduation, I have been working on a series of sky and ocean paintings and doing commission work. I feel fortunate to have grown up by the ocean and develop a close relationship with nature. Hopefully my work will inspire others to create art and appreciate the need to protect and conserve what we have.

IB Wise Art

Artist: Iris Wise

Iris is a native Californian, grew up on ranches and still lives on a small ranch nestled in the Santa Cruz foothills. Her love for nature and animals from near and far have been the main influence and primary focus of her work. Iris is always striving to capture and communicate the essential spirit which resides within these familiar friends. The eyes of this artist see the apparent thought, playfulness, and even sense of humor possessed by those who share the world with us.


Damien Jones Art

Artist: Damien Jones

Historically ceramic has been infrequently utilized for large sculptures, due to it’s brittleness and low resistance to impact, but my engineering design background has inspired several innovations that open the door to creating massive artworks. I feel incredibly fortunate to possess this unique blend of skills, able to employ both left- and right-brain thinking to contribute to humanity’s unfolding artistic heritage.


Hardwood Creations

Artists: David & Teresa Levy

Growing up in the pine forests of Southern New Mexico and working summers in a logging camp made a significant influence on our choice of wood as an art medium. Experimenting with tree trunk sections and forming different colored woods into geometric patterns began our interest in design. Our approach to the craft of fine woodworking is simple: We make each item as if it were our own. Durability, practicality, and artistic beauty are the foundations of our work.


Artist: Nancy Templeton

I am a self-taught wood artist with formal training as a jeweler. I was frustrated with how “unforgiving” the metal was and decided to return to my first love—wood. I have taken that concept of using various materials to create a different approach to my work. Now, I focus on the “recycling” of materials to make banks and pieces with hiding places and secret compartments. These range from using old thrift store books to childhood games as an accent and often the pieces have a “tongue-in-cheek” or social commentary about them. I have not given up my love for creating beautiful woodwork, but now I have added another dimension to an already creative passion.